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Touring the land of Israel

Visiting Israel is an impressive experience. Every place has a story. In order to get the maximum out of your visit to Israel it is recommendable to use a Licensed Tour Guide who speaks your language and can show you the maximum during your trip who is telling amazing insides about what you see and is taking you to places where you otherwise wouldn’t get or wouldn’t know to go. If it is only for one day during your visit, it can really highlight your trip.


We offer you a wide variety of tours. For those who visit Israel the first time but also for the experienced visitor.

Here just a few examples of tours we offer:

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Examples of day tours Jerusalem:

Jewish: Old City Outlook, Davids City (with or without Hezekiahs tunnel), Kotel, Ohel Yitzak synagogue, Cardo, Temple Institute, Broad wall, Cardo . See Daytour Jerusalem 1

Christian (1): Old City Outlook, Davids City, Southern steps, Temple Mt excavations, Kotel, Last Supper room, Via Dolorosa route, Holy Sepulchre, Herodian Priest quarter, Burned House

Christian (2): Old City Outlook, Last Supper room, Herodian Priest quarter, Kotel, Via Dolorosa route, Garden tomb, Golden Gate, Getsemane, Southern steps, Temple Mt excavations

Jerusalem The Jewish connection for Christians, '10-Tribers or 'Eframites': Walk through Jerusalem from the First Temple period, the Second Temple period, learn about the Biblical history, about the first Christians in Jerusalem and their development in history. Have a dialogue with Jews to learn new Jewish insights from the Bible which enrich your life and faith, Visit Old City Outlook, Southern steps, Temple Mt excavations, Ohel Itschak synagogue, Christian quarter, Armenian Quarter, Jewish quarter.

Timeline Jerusalem, the historical developments through the ages: Temple Mount (if accesable), Old City Outlook, Davids City, Davidson Center, Herodian Quarter, Broad wall, Armenian & Christian Quarter, Muslim Quarter + Lion Gate, Jaffa Gate. See  Day tour Timeline Jerusalem

New (Modern) Jerusalem: Mt Herzl, Yad Vashem, Menorah at Knesseth, Begin Heritage Center, Haze promenade,

Neighborhoods of Jerusalem: Mechaneh Ha Yehuda Market, Nachlaot, Yemin Moshe, Ben Yehuda, Rav Kook house, Mea Shearim See Daytour Jerusalems Neigborhoods


Examples of Judea and Samaria tours:

Daytour Hevron. Choice out of: Cave of Machpelah, Avraham Avinue neighborhood, Beit Hadassah and Hevron Heritage Museum, Tel Rumeida, Ishai & Ruths tomb, the new excavations, Hevronoutlook, Abrahams spring, Archological Museum Kiryat Arba. See Daytour Hevron

Daytour Judea, Rachels tomb (Bethlehem), Herodion, Kfar Etsion, Cave of Machpela, Tel Rumeida, Beit Hadassah & Heritage Museum.

Judea; Patriarchs, Prophets & Pioneers: Kfar Etsion, Gush Etsion, Hevron (Cave of Machpelah, Avraham Avinue Neigborhood & Beit Hadassah), Ancient Susya, Modern Susya, Rugium El-Hamri. See Daytour Judea; Patriarchs, Prophets & Pioneers

Daytour (Southern) Judea; In the Footsteps of King David: Elah Valley, Hevron, Tel Zif, Maon Spring, Susya, Rugium el Hamri, Patriarchs route, Hirbet Annim See Daytour (Southern) Judea

Daytour Judea; In the Footsteps of Abraham. Tel Rumeida (Ancient Hevron), Abrahams Spring, Machpelah, Nabi Yakin, Patriarchs route See Daytour Judea Abraham

Daytour Shomron / Samaria & Binyamin, Nebi Shmuel, Beit El, Shilo, Mt Gerizim, Samaritans, Kabir, Har Bracha winery See Day tour Shomron / Binyamin

Other examples:

Daytour Qasr el Yahud, Qumran, Massada, Ein Gedi/Nahal Ein Bokek and Dead Sea See Day tour Dead Sea region

Daytours Negev Desert with options: Mamsit, Avdat (Nabatean Early Christian cities), Ein Avdat, Sde Boker, Ben Gurions hut, Ramon Crater, Big Crater, Fosilized tree, Colored Sands, Mamsit, Small Crater, Scorpion Pass. See Negev Desert

Daytours Biblical towns and sites in the Negev Desert with: Tel Arad, Tel Sheva, Be'er Avraham and Ir Ovot (Biblical Tamar fortress) See Biblical towns in Negev


Daytour Jordan valey & Kinnereth: Qasr El Yahud, Capernaum, Tiberias

Daytour Jordan valley, Kinnereth & Golan

Photo Tour. Tour with experienced photographer to locations in Jerusalem, Judea or all Israel to places which are especially worthwhile for photography

Wine & cheese tour : GushEtsion winery, Ancient Hevron & Hevron winery, Ancient Susya, Drimia winery, Yatir winery, Caananite wine, Daliahs Farm, Goat farm Susya

These are only a few examples. We cover all Israel. Just tell us what you want to visit and we tell you what we can offer.

We will be privileged to show you the beauty of the land. Guiding is in English, Dutch or Flemish






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