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 שלום סנטר  


Shalom Center

Jewish Activity Program in the Hevron Hills









In Har Hevron (Susya area) Shalom Center has a activity a program for non-Jews who want to see something uniques of the land or want to experience live in a Jewish community in the Hevron Hills through personal contacts and discusions. The program is open for Noachides, Messianics, 'Eframites', 'Ten-tribers', Hebrew-Roots Christians, Evangelical Christians, Non-denominationals, atheists who want to see something of land and/or to study about the Jewish faith or about the actual situation in Eretz Israel based at the Tanach. We have a variety of possibilties and programs in Dutch, Afrikaans and English.  We now through 'Susya Tourism' also offer an Amazing Shabbath or Jewish festival experience in Susya in the Hevron Hills; Shabbath in Susya.


Shalom Center has also a program for families who through giyur want to become a part of the Jewish faith and people. In the villages of the Hevron Hills and surrounding we welcome giur students to prepare themselves for giyur while living in their place.  We help them to find a place for living, coaching and studying.










We already welcomed visitors and students from the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Iceland, Germany, Sweden, France, Swiss, Austria, Malta, Serbia, Slovenia, U.S.A., Canada, Honduras, Ecuador, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, China, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. 

Visit to tomb of Ruth in Hevron at May 17th, 2010, before Shavuot 5770 from Shalom Center on Vimeo.






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Susya is a rebuild ancient city. There are a lot of remnants from the Talmudic period; a synagogue, a lot of mikwes for Kohaniem and/or Levites (which is remarkable), and many caves which were used as homes. Probably kohaniem (priests) and or Levites have lived here. Because of this it also might have been a part of the Levite city Yutta. Further there are the remnants of a fortress from the Maccabees. Susya is a good location for trips to the desert, Hevron (where Machpela is where Avraham, Itschak and Ya'akov are buried), Yatir Forest, Arad, Massada etc.. There is a swimming pool with separated hours for man and women and a mini-supermarket. 


Values for the Jewish Learning Center in Susya are: To live strong-religious (in this open to what HaShem wants of us today and does in this time), Emuna (Faith and trust in our Mighty G'd, also faith that everything is in His control and that He leads us









Susya in Har Hevron area is situated, by car, one hour south of Jerusalem and half an hour north of Be'er Sheva (and an hour and a quarter drive from Ben Gurion Airport).






































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